Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Camera

Joel and I decided that for our anniversary this year we would buy a nice camera. But, we wanted to buy it early even though our anniversary isn't until July 28, so that we could have it for when the baby comes. So we started researching cameras in January, and decided that we really liked the features of the Sony DSC-H50. So, we started saving money and almost 2 weeks ago had saved up enough money for our price range for a new camera, and we re-researched. Well, I had been looking and found the Sony DSC-H20 and thought it was the same one we originally wanted so we decided on that one, and purchased it from Dell, because I get an employee discount. About 2 hours after we purchased it I realized it was the wrong camera and that we really wanted the H50. So after some talking we decided to try to cancel that order, and we did--though we still haven't received our refund. Then we looked everywhere for the H50 and found a site that had it fairly cheap (oh, we buy just about everything on the internet), so we decided to buy it. At the confirmation screen a message pops up that says something like "though your order is final the price may not be, depending on location insurance may be added on later". What?! Then they send us an e-mail saying they need further verification to complete our order. Joel calls them, and it turns out the camera we were trying to buy didn't come with a battery (about an extra $60-$80) and the insurance would be an extra $26. So we decided maybe we should try to find a cheaper site. In my research we found out that the DSC H50 was discontinued. Well, we didn't really want to buy a discontinued camera, so we thought maybe we'd go with our second choice, a Nikon Coolpix L100. While I was looking for a good deal on that I found a higher model Nikon (Nikon Coolpix P90) on sale for not very much more. So we finally bought it from Best Buy and picked it up at the store. Yay! So this is our new camera:

We have only used it a few times to play around with it, but I'll try to post pictures soon. So far the ones we've taken have turned out pretty well.


Leserlee said...

It looks very nice. Is it an SLR camera?

Kathleen said...

Cool camera. Now I have camera envy. I might get one, one of these days. But first David has to find a job.

Joel and Arielle said...

It is not an SLR, it's categorized as "SLR-like". But I like it a lot. It has a 24x optical zoom, which is fun to play around with.