Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

For Valentine's this year Joel and I went to Chef's Table in Orem. We decided we wouldn't do well as rich people because we're really awkward in fancy restaurants. It's very pretty, and the lighting is very romantic. When the seat you they unfold your napkin and place it on your lap. And if you get up to go to the bathroom they refold your napkin. Crazy. Right when they seat you, after taking your beverage order and giving you water, they bring lemon sorbets out so you can cleanse your palate. I always thought those were supposed to be between courses, but I guess our palates weren't clean enough to even begin eating. We had to ask the waiter the proper protocol for eating it, then after he left I wished I had also asked which spoon to go for (we decided on the top spoons since that's where they put the sorbets). Well, dinner was very good, I had Alaska salmon with a dill holandaise sauce and Joel had tenderloin Marsala. The waiters and everyone were all way nice, the waiter even folded up table clothes to put behind my back because my back was hurting. Kind of funny. We should have had someone take a picture of us, but instead we took a picture of ourselves.

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Leserlee said...

I always wondered about that place. Now I know. So what are you having? Baby that is.