Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009, Part 2

On Valentine's day Joel and I did my family's tradition of heart shaped pizza and pink milk. Every year growing up mom would make home made pizza dough and we would make heart shaped pizza and dye the milk pink using red food coloring. I decided when we got married that I wanted to continue that tradition. We missed it last year, but this year we decided to do it and have Torey (a friend from Arielle's work) join us for dinner. My mom e-mailed us her pizza dough recipe and Joel and I made the pizza dough. Because I don't like getting my hands dirty, I got Joel to knead the dough, which it seemed he quite enjoyed.
For the pink milk we decided to have strawberry milk instead of just dyed milk, because Joel wanted the strawberry milk. So it looks like our pink milk will be strawberry milk. I thought that the amount of dough didn't look very big so I split it up a little more to make "personal" pizzas. They turned out quite a bit bigger than I expected once we rolled them out (using a beverage glass because I didn't think to buy a rolling pin), so we each had about a medium sized pizza and I had extra dough to put in the freezer for next time. Overall it was a fun tradition that I hope we keep.
My Pizza

Joel's Pizza (he started eating before I could get a picture)

Torey's Pizza
Drinking our pink milk

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