Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Projects

When Joel and I were shopping for Christmas presents for his family (we had Christmas at his family's 12/19 because we are going to Texas for Christmas) he found a strange fascination with the cooking aisles. So while we were looking at jars I thought that I could use them and add vinyl lettering from my Cricut for Christmas gifts - at least for Mike and Nikki and Joel's mom. We picked out a cookie jar for Mom Wenerstrom and Oil & Vinegar dressing containers for Mike & Nikki. So here are pictures of my newest projects with my Cricut (which is almost all my projects since school has taken so much of my time this semester).

"Grandma's Cookie Jar"

"Oil & Vinegar"


Leserlee said...

Arielle, those are super cute! Hooray for using the Cricut!

Joel and Arielle said...

Thanks! They're really easy.

mommom31 said...

They look really nice. In Relief Society we made wall plaques and that must have been how they made the lettering. Mine says, "Bless This Home". I never knew it was from cricut, but I'd heard so much about cricut, so now I have an inkling of what it can do thanks to you. :)