Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I thought I'd post a happy blog today. I'm in a really good mood today even though I have a cold and I'm pretty tired. So I took four classes this semester, a pretty light load. If I had realized that if I took one more I wouldn't have to go to another semester I would have done that, but oh well. So yesterday marked the first day of finals and I gave them a running start. Because I am a senior most of my finals are scheduled. So I had a 7 am final and a 2 pm final yesterday, then a 7 am final today (my last final isn't until Friday, yuck). So anyways, at my 7 am final this morning my professor returned our research paper. While I'm normally decent at writing, lets just say this semester hasn't really reflected that. So I didn't have very high hopes for the paper. But I looked at it...and I got an A! Yay! It made my week! All the time I spent on that paper actually paid off! So I was really happy.
And another thing to be happy about...about a month and a half ago Joel and I found out that I'm pregnant. So there will be a little Wenerstrom coming to our family next year in June. After being unsure about how we felt for a while, we've decided that we're excited. We're officially due June 23 (just two days before my birthday, which was one of my many due dates). So we are thirteen weeks along today (well, really it's just me who's 13 weeks along, Joel's just along for the emotional ride).


Mena said...

Congrats- on the research paper, finals going alright so far, and the pregnancy!

Leserlee said...

Congrats on the pregnancy thing. And good luck! Especially for Joel, hopefully the little one treats you well through the incubation.

CRYSTAL said...

I just can't tell you how excited I am for you that is so awesome. It will be neat to find out what you are having.