Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Beginning

The first time I met Joel was at his house on halloween. I was roommates with his sister Nikki and she had invited me up to see her neice Anna in her halloween costume and meet her family (mainly Joel because she wanted to set us up because she knew that I like skinny guys and Joel is VERY skinny). Joel had just gotten home from his mission earlier that week and was on the couch sick. A fun thing about Joel is that he loves yo-yo's and is very good and doing tricks with his yo-yo's. So his family asked him to do some tricks for us. During one of his tricks he landed it wrong and hit himself in the middle of his forehead with his yo-yo. So my first impression of Joel was that he was a bit goofy--and blonde.

After that Joel was around our apartment occassionally to visit Nikki, but then in January he moved into the house two doors down from us and started at BYU. After that he was at our apartment constantly! We started spending some time together and really enjoying talking to one another. The first week in February we went to "The Fray" concert at UVSC and he took me to a doctors appointment I had the next day for an out-patient procedure. At this point Kari told me to watch out because she though Joel liked me. I insisted that we were just friends and he didn't like me like that, he was just a really nice person.

Not too long after that I realized that he really did like me! The week before Valentines day we were watching a movie together at my apartment and about halfway through the movie he reached over and held my hand. That was Wednesday and by that weekend we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We spent every moment we could with each other and pretty soon we realized that we were madly in love with each other.

The Saturday before Mother's Day Joel brought me beautiful pink irises and brought me up into Rock Canyon and proposed. Yay! We got married July 28, 2007 in the Jordan River Utah Temple. It was a beautiful, if hectic, day.

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Leserlee said...

"Beautiful, if hectic" is certainly one way to describe your wedding day. You looked gorgeous in your dress though. And the part that I was around for was beautiful. But the stories I heard, for sure hectic is a good work to describe it.