Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It has been forever since I have posted last! Here is what we have done in the past year:

We moved from Riverton to Orem (right next door to Dan and Steph) to be closer to school for BYU (which turns out to be a very good thing).

Joel is still going to school. He is not going to be working at the Abatement this year, instead he will be working full-time as a Systems Administrator at BYU over the summer. Yay! He is now an IT major rather than ISYS. So far he really enjoys his classes. We just found out yesterday that his car is not worth fixing, as it has over $5,000 worth of work to be done (it isn't worth that much). Farewell Altima. We are now looking for a bike.

Emmalee was potty trained this year! Thanks to Aunt Stephanie for all the help and patience, it went pretty quickly once Emm decided she was ready. We're still working on nights. Last week she was dry the whole week...this week not so much. She loves chalk and coloring and helping mommy and daddy around the house. She also especially loves Backyardigans. She went from her crib to a big girl bed, and has learned the merits and disadvantages of playing with desitin and vaseline. She thinks that they are rather fun to play with, but unfortunately she gets in a lot of trouble depending on how much she has "painted" with them. She has started asking "why?" about everything, which is not our favorite question. She has been a kitty cat since Christmas, and she is ALWAYS asking about Aunt Katie. She counts to 11 and knows most of her shapes, colors, and letters. She no longer likes sauce on her spaghetti, which is nice for us. She loves to tell us how she's feeling, which is mostly happy, excited, or sad. I love it when she says "Mommy, I'm so excited!" One thing she is especially happy about is that she is going to be a big sister!

That's right, I am pregnant with our second. We found out the end of January and have been apprehensive and excited ever since. The timing has us a bit stressed. I am a school teacher and the school year starts in August. I am due September 22. So, it's a bit inconvenient for teaching, but still exciting. Because of the timing, we are trying to decide if I'm going to teach next year. This will be a moot point if I can't find a job, but we're still trying to plan. I was hired as an intern on a one-year contract, and they can't keep me because a current teacher at the middle school is moving over to English from Special Ed. I'm really excited for her, but a little worried about what we're going to do.

That's pretty much our year in a nutshell! Maybe I'll post again before another year has passed.

Baby Wenerstrom

Monday, June 6, 2011


Sorry I don't have a picture for this post, but I just wanted to share some of the fun things Emmalee said tonight:
Emmalee screaming
Mom (trying to get Emmalee to stop screaming): Emmalee, do you have a belly button?
Emmalee: No.
Mom: You don't? Where did it go?
Emmalee: No. Don't have a belly button.
Mom: But where did it go?
Emmalee: ummm....put it in my pocket. It hiding.
Mom: oh.
Emmalee: It's hiding right now. All gone.

Later Joel was telling me about a story about someone who walked in on his parents...being friendly. This person didn't just walk in on his parents once, but twice. Joel said at that point he should probably stop just walking into their room unannounced. Then we started postulating things to put on the door so the son wouldn't walk in. And from the back seat we hear Emmalee: Daddy, I'm busy right now. I'm busy right now daddy. Hang it on the door.