Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Photos

So, I haven't posted in a LONG time. Emmalee is now 1 year old. Time flies crazy fast with her! She is so much fun. She has a very strong personality and is extremely independent and stubborn, which isn't so bad until meal time. For her birthday we had a small get together at my in-laws house. We bought a frog kiddie pool for the little ones. It has this cool spout thing on front that spray water into the pool, but the kids didn't like it so much. The kids got into the pool just fine, but when we turned the spout on it kind of sputtered to life and scared the kids pretty bad so they went screaming out of the pool. When I get a copy on the video from my mother-in-law I'll upload it. Poor Emmalee wouldn't go back in the pool after that without being held. She was pretty cranky the day of her birthday party, which was sad, but it was still fun. And she quite enjoyed the frosting on her giant cupcake.
We had family photos taken back at the end of May, and I finally got around to picking up the CD from the photographer. She is amazing and did a wonderful job if you live in Utah County and are interested you can visit her site. Her prices are pretty reasonable. You can pay to buy the CD and printing rights, which is nice. She can also do professional prints. We got a 16 X 20 professional print from her and we really like it. Here are some photos:

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Kathleen said...

Cute!! I love them. I want one please. Thanks for finally putting up some pictures of Emmalee.