Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Emmalee

On Monday we saw the lactation consultant and Dr again for Emmalee, and the prognosis was not as happy as we were hoping. According to the lactation consultants scale she had gained just over an ounce, but later that day according to the Dr's scale she had lost about an ounce. He was concerned over the lack of weight gain, the weight loss and the fact that her stools were mucosy and had occasional black flecks in them. He said he wanted to see us again and if she hadn't started improving she would have to have an abdominal ultrasound and go off breastmilk. Between the appointments he told us to supplement every feeding with formula because my milk is fat-poor. And now her poop looks normal! (I know everyone was dying to know that) At her appointment today she had gained half a pound! So we don't have to do a follow-up appoinment or have an ultrasound! I do have to stay off of dairy at least until she's 3-4 months old. But I'm so happy that she's gained weight and is doing way better, and that we don't have to see the Dr again until her 2 month check-up. Dr Lauret said he would love to keep her on as his patient even though he is not accepting new patients right now. He also took her and showed her off to his billing office (just one room over) and they were all cooing over her hair (which has not yet fallen off). It was really cute.


Stephanie Braithwaite said...

Ha! That's funny that he was showing her off. And her hair is fun and wacky and super cute!! :)

Leserlee said...

Poop is important. If the poop is looking normal, then you know your baby is doing okay. Carl doesn't quite get it yet, but I'm hoping one day he will understand about poop.